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Abnormal Loads

From time to time we are asked to move abnormal or unusual loads. This is usually because the normal road access is not big enough for a particular load or because a specific site has no longer got road access due to building developments.


We recently moved an 18m by 4m by 2m food processing cabinet for the New Covent Garden Food Company into their premises in Willesden by barge. The food processing equipment was delivered by road from Germany to Powerday’s wharf in Willesden. From there the equipment was loaded onto one of our motor barges fitted with rails and wheels so the equipment could be unloaded directly into the NCGF Co premises from the canal side.
When the motor barge was moored up alongside the New Covent Garden Food Companies premises rails were run ashore so the equipment could be moved off the barge and down the rails into the NCGF Companies food processing plant. The various parts of the equipment were then assembled on site to rebuild the full 18m long piece of equipment.

In another example a hydraulically operated lift bridge that had been installed in Paddington before the recent developments took place needed to be removed for servicing. The only access to this bridge was from the canal. Using one of our plant pontoons we installed a lifting turntable allowing us to lift the bridge up off its fixings and rotate round 90 degrees and lower into the pontoon. It was then moved along the canal to an access point for onward transport by road.

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