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Construction construction aggregates

Aggregate companies have for a long time moved aggregates on the inland waterways from gravel and sand pits to processing plants. However it is unusual to supply aggregates directly to the end customer by barge.


With the opening of two waterside sand and gravel facilities in west London we have been able to supply our construction and development customers with aggregate directly by barge. Our motor barges can carry approx. 70 tonnes of aggregate and deliver to sites in west and central London within a few hours.
Our tugs and hopper barges can deliver 60 70 tonnes of aggregate at a time directly to waterside construction and development sites. A site we delivered to in west London on the Regents canal had very poor road access and very little storage space on site. The barge delivery option for this site was both efficient and cost effective.

Barging Benefits

Space gain: Using barges as temporary storage saves valuable space on site.

Efficiency: Barges can deliver the equivalent of 3 or 4 lorry loads at a time.

Reliability: With no congestion on the canal network are journey times are consistent and predictable.

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