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Construction – de-watering & pumping

Who pulled the plug out? We did!!


As part of the final phase of developments at Paddington Basin our engineers and fabricators constructed two sets of steel stop planks to de-water the end of the basin. Using our tugs, workboats and jack-legged barge with a 360 degree crane inside it, we installed the two sets of stop planks, removed the fish and pumped the basin dry ready for construction work to take place.
Once the basin had been pumped dry and the debris in the bottom of the basin removed, we set up smaller pumps in between the two sets of stop planks in order to maintain the drain-down while the construction company cut away the old basin wall as part of their re-development of the new site.

Barging Benefits

Space gain: By delivering all our plant and equipment by barge we were able to operate without entering the contractor’s site.
We were also able to avoid the need for large mobile cranes to lift stop planks or pumps into position.

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