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Construction – excavated material

The construction industry has been making increasing use of the inland waterways networks to support the various activities involved in developing waterside sites.


Our tugs and barges removed around 500 tonnes of excavated material per day from a development site in east London next to the Regent’s Canal.

By using a combination of road and water transport, the developer was able to reduce the number of lorries visiting the site each day by half with a corresponding reduction in road congestion and vehicle noise around a heavily residential area.

Over a period of 3 months we moved approx. 30,000 tonnes from the site.

In west London we recently removed about 5,000 tonnes of excavated material from the initial piling process from a waterside development site directly to Powerday’s reprocessing facility at Old Oak Wharf in Willesden.

In this case the developer avoided any lorry movements in and out of his site onto the busy Harrow Road during the piling phase.

Barging Benefits

Improved workflow: A constant flow of barges makes better use of on-site excavators than the stop/start process of servicing an intermittent flow of lorries caught up in traffic.

Space saving: Better use of limited space by reducing the number of lorries entering and leaving the site. Each barge can move a minimum of 3 to 4 lorry loads at a time making water transport an efficient option.

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