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Infrastructure Maintenance bridges

A considerable amount of our work involves supporting contractors carrying out maintenance to bridges over waterways including railway, road, cable and water pipe bridges.


Our tugs and barges are deployed on a regular basis with the rail infrastructure maintenance companies as part of their routine maintenance of railway bridges that cross waterways. All the necessary equipment and materials are loaded into our barges and delivered to the bridge works site for shot blasting, steel work repairs and painting. We also have barges with hiabs for lifting masonry into place on stone bridges.
For local authorities we provide survey boats for their surveyors to carry out inspections of bridges over rivers and canals. Our survey craft are stable enough to carry aluminium access towers to provide access for the surveyors to inspect the arches and underside of the bridges. We also provide safety boats and welfare boats for contractors working on bridges over the water.

Barging Benefits

We operate a range of craft both large and small including some with hiabs, access towers and scissor lifts. All the equipment and materials can be delivered to site by barge.

As many of these sites are difficult to access by road, particularly in congested towns and cities, access by barge is more efficient and convenient.

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