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Infrastructure Maintenance cables

As the pressure grows to find more space in our crowded towns and cities for basic infrastructure services, the canal towpath has offered a convenient alternative for electricity and optic fibre cables.


Our tugs and barges are deployed on a regular basis with the electricity cable maintenance companies as part of their routine maintenance and emergency repairs of the secondary mains supply that runs through London under the towpath. All the necessary equipment and materials are loaded into our barges and delivered to the various sites along the canal where works are taking place.
The optic fibre network is a joint venture between British Waterways and Marconi. Our tugs, barges and motor barges were deployed when the ducts, sub-ducts and cables were initially installed under the canal towpath. Since then, we have assisted the cable maintenance companies with maintenance and the installation of additional optic fibre cables.

Barging Benefits

The size of our barges means that a much greater load of materials, equipment and cables can be transported to site than the alternative road route.

As many of these sites are difficult to access by road, particularly in congested towns and cities, access by barge is more efficient and convenient.

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