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High Voltage Cable Maintenance work in West London
23rd April 2009

  On the 23rd April one of our Bantam pusher tugs “Weaver” delivered two dumb barges to Powerday’s Old Oak Wharf in Willesden to be loaded with contractor’s equipment for maintenance work on the high voltage cable that runs under the towpath through London.

Once the contractors had loaded the two barges with equipment and materials we delivered the barges to the working site under the A40 Westway flyover in Westbourne Park using the pusher tug Weaver. The barges are moored alongside the working area providing direct access from the barges to the power cables for the contractor’s equipment and materials. One barge also contains the contractor’s welfare facilities and generators etc.

As and when needed a tug is despatched to return the barges to Powerday’s wharf to unload waste materials and reload with new materials and equipment.

As soon as the contractor has reloaded the barge we return the barge to the working site on the towpath under the Westway.

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