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IWA Freight Group Vivian Buckeley-Johnson “Salt” Award 2nd May 2009

  On Saturday 2nd May Wood, Hall & Heward Ltd were presented with the Vivian Buckeley-Johnson “Salt” by David Hilling, Vice-President of the IWA, at Canalway Cavalcade at Little Venice in London. Captain Vivian Buckeley-Johnson, a member of the Rothschild’s merchant bank, gave the “Salt” to the IWA to be awarded to the person or organisation who, in the opinion of the IWA Freight Group, has made an outstanding contribution to the furtherance of commercial waterways transport in the United Kingdom. Captain Vivian Buckeley-Johnson invested in the Willow Wren Canal Carrying Company Ltd (1953 - 1963) together with Leslie Morton and Robert Aickman. Their aim was to preserve and be able to carry out commercial carrying throughout the canal system.

In mediaeval England salt was expensive and only affordable by the higher ranks of society. Its value rested on its scarcity. Prior to the 1600s, the high value of salt was the source of the high symbolic status given to it in the day-to-day language that originated from England in the Middle Ages.
At that time the nobility sat at the 'high table' and their commoner servants at lower trestle tables. Salt was placed in the centre of the high table. Only those of rank had access to it. Those less favoured on the lower tables were below (or beneath) the salt.

The term salt is used for the container the salt was kept in, as well as the condiment itself. The ornate design and costly materials used for these salts was a reflection of the importance that salt was accorded. As early as 1434 the word salt was used in this way, e.g. "A feir salt saler of peautre." (A fine-quality pewter salt cellar). Strictly speaking, to be 'below the salt' was to be below the salt cellar.

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