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Hanwell towpath improvements, Grand Union Canal, 26th March 2012

At the end of February one of our mini tugs “Lenny” together with a small 20 tonne barge “Cowley” were despatched to Hanwell on the Grand Union Canal to work on a towpath improvement project.

A contractor working on behalf of British Waterways has been digging out the old towpath and re-instating a new towpath with a type 1 aggregate base and tarmac finish.

The mini tugs, which are only 4.2m long, are particularly useful on stretches of canal with numerous locks and short lengths of canal (pounds) between the locks as they can turn easily in confined spaces and fit in the locks with the barge.

The 20 tonne capacity barges work well when the contractor’s compound is close to the working site as they will carry a 20 tonne lorry load of materials such as aggregate and tarmac making efficient use of lorry deliveries to the compound.

The smaller 20 tonne barges are also more suited to sites where small mini diggers are being used as the mini diggers can easily reach into the smaller barges to off load material.


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