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Electricity Pole Replacement, River Lee, September 2012

In September contractors working on behalf of the UK Power Networks embarked on a programme of electricity pole replacement along the River Lee at Turnford. The works involved digging new holes for the replacement electricity poles and cutting down and removing the old poles for disposal. Due to the difficult road access to these poles along the towpath on the River Lee, the contractor opted to carry out these works from a barge rather than using their road based equipment.

WHH Ltd supplied a 21.6m hopper barge with an 8 tonne Atlas hiab modified to take an 18’’ diameter auger for digging the holes. The new poles and associated fittings were loaded into our Leeds & Liverpool short boat ‘Everton’ at Enfield and the hopper barge was moved to site by our pusher tug ‘Scouser’.

Using the auger on the barge mounted hiab a new hole was dug adjacent to the old electricity pole. The hiab was then used to unload a new pole from ‘Everton’s’ hold and place in the newly dug hole.

Once the new pole was established in its new position and the electricity lines transferred to the new pole the old pole was cut down and put in the barge for onward transport and disposal. The works took just over two and half weeks to complete the programme of pole replacement.


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