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Archived News Articles - 2009 to 2011
Dredging the Olympic Waterways, 24th October 2011
Olympics works at Old Ford Lock, River Lee, 21st April 2011
Towpath improvement work in West London, 18th March 2011
Road Bridge Repairs in West London, 24th February 2011
Towpath Improvements in Harlow on the River Stort - 12th November 2010
Crossrail enabling works – City Mill River -24th September 2010
Pershore Flood Alleviation Scheme 3rd August 2010
Greenford Towpath, Paddington Arm 25th June 2010
Welfare Facilities at Danbury St. City Road Lock, Islington, London  15th March 2010
Braunston Tunnel Cutting, Daventry - 22nd February 2010
Dredging Wenlock Basin, Shoreditch, London - 21st January 2010
River Lee towpath improvements at Cheshunt - 19th November 2009
Stone work repairs to Richmond Bridge on the Thames - 23rd October 2009
IWA Freight Group Vivian Buckeley-Johnson “Salt” Award - 2nd May 2009
CBOA Award of Excellence for WHH brochure - 29th April 2009»
High Voltage Cable Maintenance work in West London - April 09»
Waste by Water - Jan 2009»


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