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Safety Boats

In many instances Health & Safety require a safety boat to be present at all times when personnel are working over the canal or river. These situations typically apply to bridge work, scaffolding, vegetation clearance and demolition work.


We are able to supply a range of safety boats for different situations such as inland and tidal rivers. Our small canal motor workboats are ideal as safety boats due to their small size, manoeuvrability and stability. They have large open hold spaces for recovering personnel from the water and a cabin aft with heating, washing facilities and dry clothes to get anyone who has fallen in the water out of their wet clothes into dry kit and kept warm until medical help arrives.
We also operate a number of tidal river and coastal safety boats including rigid dinghies and inflatables for shallow tidal river and estuary conditions. Our river motor workboats provide excellent safety boat facilities with good all round visibility, clear working deck spaces and cabins with heating and washing facilities together with dry clothes. All river vessels are equipped with VHF radios and GPS location devises.

We can also provide a number of dinghies such as rigid fibreglass dinghies and inflatable dinghies for use on the canal in areas of restricted headroom and also on tidal rivers for working in shallow water at low tide. These small dinghies are also useful for stretches of inland waterway such as lakes and ponds etc where all equipment and personnel have to access the site by road.
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