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Welfare Boats

The ever increasing demands from Health & Safety to provide suitable welfare facilities for site personnel requires ever more sophisticated solutions for those working on or near the water.


To service large numbers of personnel over longer periods of work the best solution is to use one our welfare pontoons and industry standard welfare cabins with mains generators and toilets. This way all the usual site facilities of hot and cold running water, mains electricity, heat and light can be provided as a waterborne solution.
For sites where large quantities of materials are required and can only be delivered by barge our bigger barges are large enough to house welfare facilities together with skips, materials and equipment.
This solution means you do not need to have a separate welfare pontoon as well as a barge on site to provide the required welfare facilities.

For smaller sites with small numbers of people on site and minimal requirement to move a small workflat provides a good solution. These workflats have a small cabin suitable for up to 6 people with a stove and gas ring. A mains generator can be included together with a standard port-a-loo with hot and cold running water. As these workflats are small and light they can easily be pulled by hand short distances along the canal.
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