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Wood, Hall & Heward Ltd supply tugs, barges, workboats & floating plant with competent personnel to operate the craft and equipment. We own and operate over 40 craft designed to meet a range of customer requirements on the UK’s rivers and canals.



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Construction – construction materials. Property developers are exploiting inland waterways to overcome planning restrictions on unloading lorries delivering construction materials on the road side. DETAILS» Improved workflow.
Space gain.
Construction – aggregates. Aggregate companies have for a long time moved aggregates on the inland waterways from gravel and sand pits to processing plants. DETAILS» Space gain.
Construction – construction waste. The increasing requirement to segregate waste places new demands on building contractors to ensure construction waste is dealt with properly. DETAILS» Space gain.
Capacity gain.
Construction – excavated material. The construction industry makes increasing use of inland waterways networks to support the various activities involved in developing waterside sites. DETAILS» Improved workflow.
Space saving.
Construction – de-watering & pumping. Who pulled the plug out? We did!! DETAILS» Space gain.
Infrastructure Maintenance – bridges. Supporting contractors carrying out bridge maintenance work including railway, road and cable bridge works. DETAILS» Greater load.
Barge access more efficient/ convenient.
Infrastructure Maintenance – inland waterways. Providing workboats and competent crews to UK navigation authorities and contractors carrying out infrastructure maintenance projects. DETAILS» Barge access often only option.
Stable platform.
Infrastructure Maintenance – cables. With pressure to find more space for basic infrastructure services, the canal towpath offers a convenient alternative for electricity and optic fibre cables. DETAILS» Much greater load.
More efficient & convenient.
Abnormal Loads - From time to time we are asked to move abnormal or unusual loads. This is usually because the normal road access is not big enough for a particular load or because a specific site has no longer got road access due to building developments. DETAILS»  
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